Change Management for a Successful MFA Rollout

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As you get ready to enhance the security of your login process with multi-factor authentication (MFA), don't forget about the human aspect of change. Prepare your users for MFA with change management best practices and customizable templates.

Evaluate and Plan Your Change Management Strategy

During the Get Ready phase of your project:

  • Define the benefits of MFA and the intended outcomes of implementing MFA.
  • Work with your leadership and stakeholders to establish support for MFA.
  • Perform a change impact assessment to understand how your users feel about MFA and to identify potential adoption barriers.
  • Define how you'll measure success.
  • Develop a change management strategy that leadership and stakeholders are aligned on.
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Computer monitor displaying process screenshots for "how to register and use the Salesforce Authenticator for MFA logins"

Communicate, Train, and Onboard Your Users

During the Roll Out phase of your project:

  • Create a Slack channel or Chatter group to communicate and collaborate with your users about MFA.
  • Create a project schedule to cover all of the bases and keep on track.
  • Launch your communication plan by running a simple campaign to let users know MFA is coming and demonstrate how it works.
  • Train users so they understand how to log in when MFA goes live.
  • Create onboarding materials to guide users when they register verification methods for MFA.

Measure Your Success and Support Your Users

During the Manage phase of your project:

  • Get user feedback to gauge user satisfaction.
  • Monitor MFA usage patterns and metrics to watch for problems.
  • Support users having problems and maintain operations. 
  • Analyze your success metrics.
  • Use lessons learned to iterate your change management processes for future rollout phases.
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