Security Research Contributors

We take the protection of our customer data very seriously and we appreciate those who share Trust as our #1 value. 

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To make a responsible disclosure, learn more about our Responsible Disclosure Policy. On behalf of Salesforce, our customers, and our users, we would like to thank the following researchers for their contributions.

Extraordinary Security Research Contributions


Hardest Hitting Bug Bounty Hackers of 2021

Congratulations to our Hardest Hitting Bug Bounty Hackers of 2021 – the Bug Bounty Researchers who contributed the five most critical vulnerabilities of those reported to Salesforce’s Bug Bounty Program in 2021. Salesforce Security Staff voted upon this distinguished award to recognize these researchers for upholding Salesforce’s #1 value, Trust.


2019 -2020

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Please note that this page is updated annually. Starting in 2021, we will solely be recognizing researchers who submit valid reports to Salesforce.

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