MFA for Your Salesforce Products

Salesforce Shield Astro holding the icon and illustrations of "recent scans activity" and "file and field encryption"

Use the resources on this page for help turning on MFA, registering and logging in with MFA verification methods, and more — for each of your Salesforce products


MFA for Heroku Help

MFA is a permanent part of the Heroku login experience. Learn how to manage MFA verification methods.

MFA for Heroku FAQ

Get answers to common questions about multi-factor authentication for Heroku.

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

MFA Requirement for Anypoint Platform

Learn about MFA auto-enablement and enforcement timelines for Anypoint Platform, and how to deal with MFA-exempt use cases.

MFA for Anypoint Platform Help

MFA is enabled for Anypoint Platform organizations and can't be turned off. Learn how to manage MFA for your organization.

Tableau Cloud

Tableau Cloud

MFA for Tableau Cloud Help

Learn how to manage MFA verification methods and restore user access.

Enable MFA for Tableau Cloud

MFA enforcement for Tableau Cloud is underway! If you want MFA now, learn how to turn it on yourself.