Streamlining Government Data Protection with Salesforce Security Center and Privacy Center

Introducing the addition of Privacy Center and Security Center to Government Cloud, centralizing your information and giving you valuable time back.
Streamlining Government Data Protection with Salesforce Security Center and Privacy Center

Data privacy and security stand at the forefront of media discussions and legislative agendas in today's landscape, and we're exposed to what seems like a continuous string of security breach alerts. The increasing prevalence of today's attacks emphasize the need for organizations to adopt more sophisticated security and data privacy programs. However, managing user access and countless security settings in enterprise business systems can become cumbersome, time-consuming, and frustrating. Outdated infrastructure exacerbates these challenges, leading to issues such as outages impacting real-time threat responses, lengthy onboarding processes, scalability limitations, and excessive costs associated with legacy data centers.

Addressing these challenges can be a complex and time-intensive process. That’s why Salesforce has added Security Center and Privacy Center to our ever-growing list of available products in Salesforce Government Cloud. These products make policy management easy and give customers the critical information needed to help ensure you are meeting compliance standards. They are now available to customers in Salesforce Government Cloud, certified for FedRAMP High and U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Impact Level 4 & 5.

Salesforce understands the challenges our customers face and we work to prioritize the security and privacy of our customers' data in alignment with our #1 value of Trust. Some of the top concerns we aim to address with Security Center and Privacy Center are:

  • Navigating through evolving government regulations
  • Accommodating organizational growth
  • Aligning with the diverse data privacy and security requirements of constituents

Security Center gives you a centralized view of security and data governance metrics for all your Salesforce tenants. From a single dashboard, customers can assess their overall security posture, respond to detected threats and anomalies, gather data for security audits, and evaluate how securely your users are logging in. You can define security policies, create custom alerts, and fortify your data defenses.

Privacy Center delivers tooling to simplify data management, reduce compliance costs, and maintain customer trust. This solution helps you navigate privacy regulations and laws specific to your industry or sector. Privacy center offers data minimization, de-identification, and subject requests such as Right To Be Forgotten (RTBF), Right to Data Portability and Right to Access (DSAR). The included Preference Manager allows you to securely capture customer preferences, building trust by respecting how, why, and when you can contact them.

With both products now available for Salesforce Government Cloud, customers can rest easy knowing their privacy and security compliance programs have never been easier to manage. Embrace simplicity, efficiency, and security with our innovative solutions tailored to meet the unique challenges of government compliance.

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