Cybersecurity Learning Hub: Addressing the Global Workforce Gap Through Education

The cybersecurity worldwide workforce gap is 3.4 million professionals. Learn how the Cybersecurity Learning Hub addresses this shortage and empowers everyone with accessible, inclusive content focused on developing practical and applicable skills.
Cybersecurity Learning Hub: Addressing the Global Workforce Gap Through Education

What if I told you that you could build a career with competitive pay, endless opportunities to learn and grow, in a stable and secure job market? Not only that, but it’s likely that the current skills you have, whether technical or not, can apply to this in-demand job field? Does it sound too good to be true? It’s not. And that’s because we’re talking about the field of cybersecurity.

The State of the Cybersecurity Workforce

The digital world is transforming the way we live and work. As our lives become increasingly digital, we rely more and more on technology to communicate, store information, and conduct financial transactions. Unfortunately, this reliance creates new vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cybercriminals who want to steal personal information, financial data, intellectual property, and disrupt critical systems. By investing in cybersecurity, we can protect ourselves, our organizations, and our communities from these risks and ensure the security and stability of our digital infrastructure. 

Cybersecurity, at its core, is about protecting our digital assets, but there are not enough people who know how to do it. According to the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, or (ISC)2, the cybersecurity worldwide workforce gap is at 3.4 million professionals. Our demand is far outpacing the supply of professionals. One of the most significant challenges in addressing the cybersecurity skills gap is the lack of diversity in the talent pool. According to a recent report by (ISC)2, only 24% of cybersecurity workers are women. Additionally, underrepresented groups, such as African Americans, Hispanics, and Native Americans only account for 12% of the cybersecurity workforce

Addressing the Cybersecurity Workforce Gap Through Education

In partnership with the World Economic Forum, Fortinet, and the Global Cyber Alliance, Salesforce created the Cybersecurity Learning Hub (CLH) initiative to address this global workforce shortage. The CLH addresses the skills gap and empowers those looking to explore new career paths by developing an accessible, inclusive online destination with high-quality content that welcomes learners from all backgrounds. 

Built on Salesforce’s Trailhead platform, everyone can skill up in the cybersecurity field by learning about different career paths and exploring topics, such as network security, risk management and zero trust. The CLH includes interviews with professionals, online learning modules, and best practices for individuals and organizations. The content is designed to be accessible, interactive, and engaging, with a focus on developing practical and applicable skills. The best part? It's completely free and anyone can use it! Plus, you can connect with other learners and share your experiences and knowledge in the #SecuritySavvy Trailblazer community.

Recently, the CLH hit a big milestone: one million badges earned! Learners from all over the world have been taking courses and earning badges to show off their cybersecurity skills. And with over 70 online badges to choose from, there's no shortage of new things to learn.

Trailhead has been an incredible resource as I grow my cybersecurity career and learn in-demand skills including data security, compliance, and privacy regulation."

Mariel Townsend, Trailhead Learner

If you're interested in cybersecurity or just want to learn how to stay safe online, check out the Cybersecurity Learning Hub! With one million badges already earned, you can join a growing community of learners who are taking control of their digital safety. Earn a badge of your own and get started on your cybersecurity learning journey today. Start with our newest badge, The Emerging Future of Cybersecurity to learn about trends and ways to mitigate risk with new technologies.

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